something wicked

Meticulously plotted revenge and illicit sex. Dangerous obsessions and notes slipped in lockers. Unrequited love and closely watched Instagram accounts. Homework, lunch-break and murder.

Welcome to Elsinore - the school where every pupil is a teenage version of a character from Shakespeare.

SOMETHING WICKED is a modern teen noir - a twisted murder mystery set in the glamorous world of an English boarding school. The social politics are ruthless, the nests of secrets are deadly and someone in that classroom has blood on their hands. Villain, hopeless romantic, tragic damsel - don’t trust anything you think you know.

Studio Lambert

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The Scottish Highlands are rich in tradition. Folklore and arcane customs that are passed down through the generations. Even now, amongst the digital chatter of a new millennium, the quiet murmur of the old traditions remain. 


Traditions that can be beautiful – and dark – and deadly.

Talia know that she sounds crazy. But she refuses to back down. If she’s right, then something dark and terrifying happened out in the forest last night. And if she’s wrong – then why does it feel like everyone knows more than they’re saying?


What unspeakable secrets are the parents and teenagers of Kilwaith hiding?

HELWYR is an atmospheric and darkly compelling series that draws on the rich history of the folk horror tradition. It’s a show that combines the glitteringly intense teen world of Riverdale, with the captivating mystery of Stranger Things and the eerie, slow-growing terror of The Wicker Man.

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It’s 1991. Bill Clinton’s just announced his race for the presidency, Anita Hill’s testifying in front of the Senate, Beverly Hills 90210 is on air – and the world of teen magazines is hopelessly out of touch and suffocatingly conservative. 

But a scrappy, upstart publication is about to change all that. 


In a small, run-down office in pre-Giuliani Times Square – surrounded by prostitutes and peepshows – a group of young women are about to launch a magazine that will reinvent the culture, liberalize teenagers across America and give voice to a generation. 


Combining the the daring wit and fearless honesty of Fleabag with the warmth and vulnerability of Sex Education, MOXIE is a series that will speak as powerfully to grown-up millennials as it will to those in the midst of young adult angst.


Libertine. Playwright. Royalist. Spy. 

A bigoted madman has convinced Parliament that Europe poses a deadly threat. The public have been whipped into a state of paranoid hysteria. England is in danger of being torn apart.


And the centre of it all are two tempestuous lovers - divided by politics but tied together in a darkly glittering conspiracy of sex, power and candle-lit intrigue.


It's 1678. Welcome to Restoration London. 

Provocative, quick-witted and fiercely independent, Aphra Behn was a Royalist spy who defied the gender rules of her era by becoming the first woman in England to earn a living from her writing.

A gripping political thriller, APHRA will weave fact and fiction together, combining the real events of Aphra Behn’s life with one of the greatest conspiracies of the Restoration age.

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Something dark is seeping into the sun-drenched streets of Austin, TX. Scattered across the city are five twentysomethings who share a hidden past – from the graduate student and the rising tech star, to the warehouse worker and the nail salon girl.


Devastated by the death of their friend when they were teenagers, they haven’t spoken in years. But they’re bound together by what happened at that summer camp – and what they were trained to do. 


So when someone starts dangerously using the Wyrd in broad daylight, the five of them are forced to come back together – or risk losing more people, the same way that they lost their friend. A tense fantasy thriller, WYRD is a story of sex, drugs and magic – full of lust, unrequited love and the dark, mysterious powers of the Southern Gothic.

diary girls

Champagne. Red carpets. Flirting with film stars. Chasing down stories till 3am. Night bus home. Mattress on the floor of a shoebox flat. Back in the office four hours later. 


Welcome to the world of London’s young gossip writers.

Based on the three years Jessica spent working as a diarist for the Evening Standard, DIARY GIRLS offers a glimpse behind the curtain into the London’s extraordinary, celebrity-driven party scene.


It reveals the reality of being a struggling twentysomething journalist, surviving in the city while being screamed at by editors, humiliated by supermodels and falling for movie stars.



When you’re a child, magic is real. All you have to is find it. So you wait. Patiently. For years. And then - you grow up. Suddenly you're too busy with school, house parties, sexting and snapchat to look for magic.


But... what if that was a mistake? 


CASADOR is a teen drama about what happens when the creatures from your nightmares and dreams finally stop hiding just out of sight – and come crashing through into the real world.

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If you came face-to-face with your doppelgänger - what would you do? GEMINI is a gripping, psychological thriller about the seductiveness of taking a break from your own life. The uncanniness of teaching someone how to pass themselves off as you. And the danger of giving anyone the power to do that.


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"Snowflake has become the defining insult of 2016, thrown around with abandon in the wake of Brexit and the US election, usually to express generic disdain for young people" The Guardian, 28 November 2016

Wild mercury 


SNOWFLAKES is a comedy series that exposes the confusions and contradictions of the millennial generation. It follows the lives of a close-knit group of friends - the kind of twentysomethings who are devastated about Brexit and enjoy going on marches against Trump – but couldn’t tell you the name of their local MP. 

Who worry about money all the time and yet splash out like there’s no tomorrow. Even if they scrimped and saved and stayed in every night, they’d still be screwed. They might as well Tinder while Rome burns.

It’s a show full of attractive young people falling into bed with the wrong person, secretly being in love with one of their mates and inadvertently breaking each other’s hearts.

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